Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you about a movie called “Accepted” and is very nice to talk because of the individual creative freedom, that pushes all of us to break the mold set by the company and try ourselves and what we want to be in life and work to fulfill ourselves. The film takes place in one of my favorite settings, in college .. or better ..in a fake college. Yeah ‘cause the guys, not admitted to college real, they invent one for not losing the esteem of their parents, but .. something happens that changes everything. No spoilers in case you want to see it. After a life spent in the schemes, I realized that and beautiful out of it. Many of these have pained me because I could not see the construction but please consider I were able .. simply because it was not for me .. because I was not and I was not what I wanted to do .. is not true that we are not good because we are incapable .. simply not part of us. I would highly recommend watching this film. Will change your perspective on things.