My desk’s new look and top makeup of the moment

Hello people!! Today I wanna show you my new idea for desks. Let’s start with colours: only pink!! Pink pink pink. Light pink, strong pink..everywhere pink. I start to Sephora’s tablet edition is not a tablet, it’s simply a makeup palette  and it is very spring. Then, we have Sephora’s brushes and my storical UBU Big Mumma. I’ve found something special that I never try before: Essence makeup, and I have a lip gloss and a tips for nails!! Tips for nails is very funny and simple to use and you can create many draws with it. So, last summer all the girls find or refind a 90s collar..and so I think “why only in summer?? Why not in spring??” and I choose this light pink ribbon to recreate our summer collar. So follow me also on YouTube to know more infos about my makeup product and, if you like it, my music. Byyyyyyyyyye 🙂