Noncomformity style: what I mean and why.

imageHi, in this article and video I want to tell you something important to me. It’s about my life in this storical moment and why I choose this way. I think this period is a gift for me..I have my second time to live life how I want. In past I always been in that way but I don’t know how to get up this lifestyle, because my relatives are very conventional and they live life how all live life..: work, think to family, clean house, cooking, be a good and caritative person, go to church, be respective of rules and person..but I don’t want to live like a machine. Also, my family, shows up our rich status and I hate that. I want to be a good person but in my rules, in my way. For example: my boyfriend don’t want that I live with the house he bougth for us..we had a problems and our couple life was a he said that he don’t want me..I’ve cried a lot and I suffer a lot..for what?? For nothing!! And now I tell you why: I make my own house!! For personal motivation, I can’t leave my actual home, so I decided to occupate a room in my house and make it MY house. As you can see in the video, my home-room is small but I’m feel very very good here. I have my disco for weekend for invite friends, I have my television on my iPad, my beauty zone, and my pub zone. It’s aaaaaaall amazing for me!! And because it’s small, I can make temperature hot with a big candle. And this is a good lifestyle for everything, believe me. So, check out my video, follow the link here–>¬†