Nonconformity 2: indipendence when you are thirty and you haven’t good success possibility in your life (insipred by “Wayne’s World2) FOR ALittleOverThirty GROUP

imageHello everyone, today I would like to continue the discussion on lifestyle maverick began yesterday, inspired by Garth in “Wayne’s World 2- Waynestock”, where he was happy and proud to have detached from the original family going to live alone because, said, “now no one can tell me to turn down the volume of the music, I unplugged the I live alone, I can do what I I live alone, etc. etc. ..”. It is true, and very nice and positive move away from the family home to do what you want and feel great, but everyone has their own sense of maturity. My and certainly, as I said in the previous article, the fact of making my room my apartment and spend here the majority of time..and all these despite the adversities and both economic problems and I have relax watching my pay tv, that I pay by myself , I have a sofa bed and a space to play with makeup area and area eh? Then, of course, must also be self-employed with the transport..I’ve tried and swear that I’ve tried to drive seriously, but I have really terror..I know that I’m not the only person in the world to not drive for terror, I know, and I was always dependent on somebody..I’m expecting that someone was available to accompany and / or pick me up, and if the bus had not impossible times that do not coincide, I doing by myself..but I do not know how beautiful is to move by  became my only means of transportation (it’s a cruiser american..super cool vintage model), I doing km and km I feel independent and stra happy also because, if you do not know, well replaces the gym (see my article on fitness bike, where I explain how I lost 9kg), in more you have no gasoline costs ne ne insurance stamp. On the economic side, I do not have a fixed gain and then live much economy..but I can assure you that by choosing products that cost less and thus keeping most possible money in the wallet, it still manages to have of what you need and what you you would want without spending a fortune..useless to tell you that the secret and choose stra discounted products or that cost less than large example, why take a product that costs so much and get one when, with the same budget, you They may take ten products that cost much less? That’s basically my life from this unconventional and not depend on anyone and be able to rely on their own forces and getting by (wanting, accordingly) to create its own economic base, little or much that is, slowly  a little ant.