Come scolpire senza contouring

Non siete pratiche del contouring ma vorreste scolpire al meglio il vostro viso? Io ho la risposta per voi..testata su me..che sono poco pratica del contouring 🙂

Si tratta semplicemente di mettere il fard su tutto il viso e metterne un po’ di più sulla zona delle guance. Stendere bene con la spugnetta, dopodiche’ applicare il fondotinta su tutto il viso. Io uso quello della Nars e devo dire che mi trovo benissimo ( per il contouring normale, invece, utilizzo quello della Miss Broadway BB Cream). Passo bene con la spugnetta per stendere il tutto è..voila’.

Un countouring veloce e perfetto 🙂

Fake bike tan


Hi girls, have you never ride a bike for long time in a good season and when you’re at home, you look at you in the mirror and see a great facial tan? But what’s happen when you don’t have enough time to go to ride? How can you maintain your tan for long time when you can’t go to ride? With this product it’s possible to recreate your perfect tanned facial skin.

You only have to choose coral tan, and put in your face with puff blander. Then, you have to remove the colour in excess with a napkin and JUST A LITTLE BIT of your favourite makeup remover and massage your all face with an idratant cream.

At voila’..your faced it’s so tanned!!

My desk’s new look and top makeup of the moment

Hello people!! Today I wanna show you my new idea for desks. Let’s start with colours: only pink!! Pink pink pink. Light pink, strong pink..everywhere pink. I start to Sephora’s tablet edition is not a tablet, it’s simply a makeup palette  and it is very spring. Then, we have Sephora’s brushes and my storical UBU Big Mumma. I’ve found something special that I never try before: Essence makeup, and I have a lip gloss and a tips for nails!! Tips for nails is very funny and simple to use and you can create many draws with it. So, last summer all the girls find or refind a 90s collar..and so I think “why only in summer?? Why not in spring??” and I choose this light pink ribbon to recreate our summer collar. So follow me also on YouTube to know more infos about my makeup product and, if you like it, my music. Byyyyyyyyyye 🙂

Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you about a movie called “Accepted” and is very nice to talk because of the individual creative freedom, that pushes all of us to break the mold set by the company and try ourselves and what we want to be in life and work to fulfill ourselves. The film takes place in one of my favorite settings, in college .. or better a fake college. Yeah ‘cause the guys, not admitted to college real, they invent one for not losing the esteem of their parents, but .. something happens that changes everything. No spoilers in case you want to see it. After a life spent in the schemes, I realized that and beautiful out of it. Many of these have pained me because I could not see the construction but please consider I were able .. simply because it was not for me .. because I was not and I was not what I wanted to do .. is not true that we are not good because we are incapable .. simply not part of us. I would highly recommend watching this film. Will change your perspective on things.

Nonconformity 2: indipendence when you are thirty and you haven’t good success possibility in your life (insipred by “Wayne’s World2) FOR ALittleOverThirty GROUP

imageHello everyone, today I would like to continue the discussion on lifestyle maverick began yesterday, inspired by Garth in “Wayne’s World 2- Waynestock”, where he was happy and proud to have detached from the original family going to live alone because, said, “now no one can tell me to turn down the volume of the music, I unplugged the I live alone, I can do what I I live alone, etc. etc. ..”. It is true, and very nice and positive move away from the family home to do what you want and feel great, but everyone has their own sense of maturity. My and certainly, as I said in the previous article, the fact of making my room my apartment and spend here the majority of time..and all these despite the adversities and both economic problems and I have relax watching my pay tv, that I pay by myself , I have a sofa bed and a space to play with makeup area and area eh? Then, of course, must also be self-employed with the transport..I’ve tried and swear that I’ve tried to drive seriously, but I have really terror..I know that I’m not the only person in the world to not drive for terror, I know, and I was always dependent on somebody..I’m expecting that someone was available to accompany and / or pick me up, and if the bus had not impossible times that do not coincide, I doing by myself..but I do not know how beautiful is to move by  became my only means of transportation (it’s a cruiser american..super cool vintage model), I doing km and km I feel independent and stra happy also because, if you do not know, well replaces the gym (see my article on fitness bike, where I explain how I lost 9kg), in more you have no gasoline costs ne ne insurance stamp. On the economic side, I do not have a fixed gain and then live much economy..but I can assure you that by choosing products that cost less and thus keeping most possible money in the wallet, it still manages to have of what you need and what you you would want without spending a fortune..useless to tell you that the secret and choose stra discounted products or that cost less than large example, why take a product that costs so much and get one when, with the same budget, you They may take ten products that cost much less? That’s basically my life from this unconventional and not depend on anyone and be able to rely on their own forces and getting by (wanting, accordingly) to create its own economic base, little or much that is, slowly  a little ant.

Noncomformity style: what I mean and why.

imageHi, in this article and video I want to tell you something important to me. It’s about my life in this storical moment and why I choose this way. I think this period is a gift for me..I have my second time to live life how I want. In past I always been in that way but I don’t know how to get up this lifestyle, because my relatives are very conventional and they live life how all live life..: work, think to family, clean house, cooking, be a good and caritative person, go to church, be respective of rules and person..but I don’t want to live like a machine. Also, my family, shows up our rich status and I hate that. I want to be a good person but in my rules, in my way. For example: my boyfriend don’t want that I live with the house he bougth for us..we had a problems and our couple life was a he said that he don’t want me..I’ve cried a lot and I suffer a lot..for what?? For nothing!! And now I tell you why: I make my own house!! For personal motivation, I can’t leave my actual home, so I decided to occupate a room in my house and make it MY house. As you can see in the video, my home-room is small but I’m feel very very good here. I have my disco for weekend for invite friends, I have my television on my iPad, my beauty zone, and my pub zone. It’s aaaaaaall amazing for me!! And because it’s small, I can make temperature hot with a big candle. And this is a good lifestyle for everything, believe me. So, check out my video, follow the link here–>

David Bowie and LA groupies

imageLori Maddox by her own admission was 15 when she had sex with David Bowie, not 13. You can call it splitting hairs, but I think that’s a significant difference. At 15, Lori did not look or act like a child. She looked and acted like a fully developed woman. Obviously, she wasn’t, but that’s where things get sticky.

Secondly, David Bowie was not predatory or coercive. By all accounts, she wanted to have sex with him. Lori Maddox was a teenager who wanted to fuck rock stars, and by golly, that’s what she did — for many years, and with many rock stars. That’s fine. Good for her, but again, things get sticky when we get into the nuances of teenage sexual agency.

That’s the real question here. Can a 15 year old consent to have sex? It’s a trickier question than you might think, both morally and legally. Consider Jerry Lee Lewis. He’s a rock star who married his 13 year old cousin. It was controversial at the time, but perfectly legal. The age of consent has varied wildly over the years, and I’m not suggesting that it should ever be as low as 13, but my point is that there’s a lot of grey area when it comes to the morality and legality of teenage sexual agency. Speaking personally, I had plenty of friends who lost their virginity by age 15, and they were ready to lose it. I personally believe that some 15 year olds are both mentally and physically developed enough to consent to sex. Then again, many aren’t, and thus age of consent laws typically are set to at least 17, and that’s a good thing.

So, was Lori Maddox a victim? She certainly doesn’t think so, and personally, I don’t think she was either. At age 15, I think she was mentally and physically developed enough to have consented to sex. She was definitely underage, so there are still statutory issues to consider, but in her situation, I don’t think she was raped in the sense that she wasn’t able to consent to having sex. Not with David Bowie. Not with Jimmy Page. Not with Mick Jagger. She knew damn well what she was doing, and I’m okay with that. All of this comes down to consent. Was Lori able to give consent, and did she give consent freely? If so, I have a hard time calling David Bowie a rapist or a molester.

That being said, if I were to learn that she had been drugged or pressured or coerced into sexual acts by any of those men (as was the case with Roman Polanski and 13 year old Samantha Geimer, or Woody Allen and his 7 year old adopted daughter), I would instantly and forever have a completely different opinion of the situation, but by all accounts, Lori was a legendary groupie who enjoyed the hell out of herself at a young age. Again, good for her. I feel like I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. She says it was a positive experience, and I have to credit her with the sexual agency that she herself claims (now as an adult) to have had.

I realize how controversial this kind of thing is, and I freely admit that I may not have all the facts straight either. I’m not excusing David Bowie (who was in his early 20s at the time) from having sex with a teenager who was under the legal age of consent, but I also think it’s a stretch for people to call him a rapist, and it’s ridiculous for people to call him a pedophile.

Again, so much grey area, and let’s not forget that we’re also talking about early 1970’s glam rock hedonism and debauchery of such epic magnitude that it’s really unfathomable by today’s standards. That shit was messy, and whatever David Bowie’s sins may have been, the man was also a visionary artist and positive cultural force who spent half a century creating incredible music and making huge strides towards public acceptance of LGBT and gender queer identities.